Welcome to our Global Design support portal. This service has been developed to cater to anyone who can benefit from design skills related to paper composite board finished goods. We have collective experience of over 30 years designing with this material.

If you are a converter (someone who makes finished goods) or an end user looking for a design solution, we can help you to get to your end result much faster, with much more confidence at a much smaller development cost.

Our designers have experience in numerous categories from POS, Expo, Retail fit outs and lightweight bulkheads and anything in between. If it can be made out of Paper composite board, like Xanita Print or Kraft, we can most certainly design it for you.

Our rates are very competitive and negates you having to employ your own designer/s full time when you aren’t necessarily needing design work done every day. Perhaps you may even employ your own designers but are just battling with capacity. We can help you.


Our menu items include:

Concept Design Sketch Example

Concept design

If you just require some concept sketch ideas to show your clients an idea or two without committing too much of your resource or money to the project, then this is what you need. This is charged out at hourly rates. Please check the rate sheet on the pricing page to get a complete overview.

3D Rendered Designs Example

3D Renders

This is a more specific way to show your clients what you are proposing to them.
3d Renders are professional and dimensionally accurate meaning too that the proportions are precise and you can compare the sizes of things you are presenting to everyday things like people standing or any other furniture that may be close by. 3D renders can also place you proposed item in the actual environment they will be found, like inside stores or hanging from ceilings etc. renders are charged out per finished render which could include multiple views or in-situ views. Please check the rate sheet on the pricing page to get a complete overview.

Cut File Development Example

Cut File development

This is the most technical deliverable we offer as not only do we have to ensure all of the dimensions are 100% accurate but we also need to make sure that when the unit is cut and manufactured, all the parts fit together perfectly. We also need to take into consideration final material usage to help you save on manufacturing costs. Cut file development is charged out at hourly rates. Please check the rate sheet on the pricing page to get a complete overview. Cut files are not 100% guaranteed unless you include the next item off our menu.

Structural Prototype Example

Structural Prototypes

Structural prototypes are prototypes which are cut off the actual cut files we have created on the actual material and then assembled to double check accuracy of all parts working together. These are charged out based on the amount of material they use. Please check the rate sheet on the pricing page to get a complete overview.

Printable Art Set-up Example

Print Art

Print art Set up is where we take your final high resolution artwork and lay it up with the cut files, ready to go direct to your digital printer. All you have to do is press the print button. This service is charged out at hourly rates. Please check the rate sheet on the pricing page to get a complete overview.


We can provide all your creative and technical resource, or you can choose specifically from our service menu just the items you want. Each item is priced independently so it doesn’t matter how you work.


We Have Worked To Make This Process As Simple As Possible.

Choose Your Plan

You will find picture examples of items that can be designed and next to each you will see the number of hours required to complete each of the processes to achieve them as well as the price.

All you have to do is add them to your basket.


Secure Your Order

You then click on checkout and if you have not already logged in or registered, you will be taken to the register | login page where you can fill in all your details for us.

If you are already logged in you will be taken directly to our payment merchant page to make a 50% deposit to secure your order.


Describe Your Brief

Once you have done this, you will need to complete a briefing form, to help us better understand your exact needs.

You can also upload examples, sketches or any relevant artwork to make the design job more successful. The more information you furnish us with, the better we will be able to interpret your end result.


Designers Get To Work

As soon as we receive notification that this deposit has been paid we will proceed with your design work.

If your brief is clear – you will receive a design confirmation from us within 12 to 15 hours indicating when you can expect to receive your designs. Alternatively you may receive some questions or request for additional information.

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Pricing Plans That Suit Your Needs

choose your plan

Most of our services are billed by the hour, but because you cannot know exactly how long it takes to do various things, we’ve made it a little easier for you by creating categories for you to choose from with the price of each process attached to each category.

We also have multiple rates depending on the urgency of your job!



These get consumed at 20% below the following rack rates.




You time your work perfectly, so why pay more?




We’re gonna need to move things around a bit to accommodate you and nudge one or two jobs back a little.




This usually means sleepless nights for our designers and we need the extra money to feed them and keep the lights on.




I  am a designer and I think I’m really talented.

Yes, I have worked with paper composite board.


We are always looking for new talent with new ideas.

If you are a designer who would like to join our team, you can apply to join our elite squad. Yes, you will have to jump through a few hoops to prove your ability, because we can only accept the cream of the crop. Click here (Show me the money!) to see our T’s and C’s and apply.

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